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    Coronavirus outbreak in Shropshire caravan park after 21 test positive

    Twenty-one new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed at a Shropshire caravan park. The council fears the number of cases at the site, which is in the town of Craven Arms, will continue to rise before infection control measures start to take effect. All residents who have come into contact with one of the positive cases have been asked to self-isolate with their households for 14 days. The 21 people who tested positive for coronavirus were asked to self-isolate for at least seven days from the time they started showing symptoms or from when they received their positive test result. A testing centre has now been set up on a nearby business park, and everyone living on the site has been offered a test. The centre will be open for the next two weeks between 10.30am and 3.30pm and those living nearby can book a test online via NHS Test and Trace or by ringing 119. A playground close to the caravan park has also been closed to help reduce social contact and the risk of transmission. Councillor David Evans said: "Our priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our local residents. "I've been in Craven Arms to talk to residents and businesses to answer any questions and reassure them that the risk to the general public is low." He added: "I would like to thank members of the community for their own ongoing support and cooperation. "We continue to rely on everyone at the site playing their part, and want to encourage the residents to continue to self-isolate and take all the necessary precautions. "This is the only way we can help stop the spread of the virus." Shropshire Council said staff had been at the site providing residents with information on how to prevent the spread of the virus, its symptoms and what to do if they are feeling unwell. It said it had been distributing personal protective equipment, hand sanitiser, cleaning products and other supplies to residents.

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    Loose Women's Saira Khan shows off body transformation in new bikini photos

    After a week of sun-soaked holiday photos and stunning bikini snaps, Saira Khan's time at a health retreat in Portugal has come to an end - and her transformation over the course of just seven days is incredible!MORE: Loose Women's Saira Khan wows fans with stunning bikini snapsThe Loose Women star posted before-and-after bikini photos on Instagram that shows how her body has changed during her time at the Oasis resort at the Juice Master retreat. During her trip, Saira took part in yoga, running and other exercises and her daily diet consisted of four juices packed full of fruit and vegetables.Loading the player...WATCH: Loose Women's Saira Khan stuns fans with bikini body"Transformation is not always about the physical, it’s about the spiritual and what’s going on in the inside. This week was never about weight loss, it was just about escaping from 'noise' and finding myself again. The whole COVID atmosphere has brought out so much negativity, fear, suspicion and anger in people," she explained in the caption. "This week I have fuelled my body with goodness, moved it with walks and stretching and listened to it with yoga and meditation. To some people, they will roll their eyes and say 'here she goes'. That’s fine. People will always ridicule and be negative - but I have learned this week that my strength is with me always, my energy protects and grounds me," Saira continued. The Loose Women star revealed her transformation on InstagramAs well as gaining physical strength, the mother-of-two said the juice retreat also improved her mental health. She concluded: "In this photo what you can’t see is the amount of inner strength I have gained from this week. I feel like a different woman - stronger, fitter, healthier, happier. Ready to meet my hubby, kids and puppy. Time to look after them."Andrea McLean was amongst the first to show support for her co-star, writing: "Amazing Saira, GOOD FOR YOU. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else." Former Strictly Come Dancing star also commented: "I hear you sista," while a third fan added: "The inside is just as important as the outside. You are inspirational."This comes shortly after Saira described her solo holiday as "selfish" after she left her husband Steve Hyde and their two children Zach and Amara at home to "recharge my mind and my body."READ: Saira Khan shares glimpse inside 'selfish' solo holiday - and her view will blow your mind

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    Armed black militia in America issues threat to build 'its own nation'

    Fears of violent clashes in the wake of the protests sweeping the US heightened over the weekend with a show of force by an armed black militia group. An estimated 2,500 members of the Not F*****g Around Coalition (NFAC) took to the streets of Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, joining a protest march over police shooting dead Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black nurse, in March. Wearing black combat fatigues and carrying automatic weapons, the group outnumbered a small clutch of Three Percenters, a far-right militia group that also made an appearance at the demonstration. The two sides were kept apart by police, and the only incident came when three members of the coalition sustained minor wounds when a gun discharged accidentally. However, the appearance of the two armed militias raised the spectre that future confrontations may not pass off as peacefully, given the backdrop of violent protests that have swept the US following the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis in May.

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    After finding their freedom at last, Harry and Meghan have never appeared more trapped

    When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped their "Megxit" bombshell seven months ago, all hell broke loose behind palace gates. With the couple having blindsided the Queen by releasing their shock sayonara on Instagram, aides were thrown into such a frenzy that there were reports of courtiers holding a phone to each ear in scenes akin to a trading floor at the height of a financial crash. Yet as The Firm's major shareholders take stock of the fallout from the serialisation of "Finding Freedom", a sympathetic biography of Harry and Meghan seemingly written with their blessing (something the couple have denied), the mood in the gilt-edged corridors of royal power appears surprisingly relaxed. Although there have been several conference calls among advisers over the weekend, the Queen, Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are understood to have barely registered a reaction to the much-hyped book by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, apparently viewing the already familiar "revelations" as yesterday's news. The sense of nonchalance is partly down to coronavirus, which has put the events of January 2020 into sharp perspective, with thousands having died in Britain during a pandemic that has reshaped the entire world order. But as the Sussexes have struggled to establish themselves Stateside, for the rest of the Royal Family, life – and a new way of working – has continued at pace.

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    Half of manufacturers to bring work home after coronavirus exposes flaws in global trade

    Almost half of British manufacturers are planning to rely more on UK suppliers in future after coronavirus exposed major flaws in global trade. In total, 46pc of companies surveyed by trade body MakeUK said they planned to bring work back home over the next two years. The proposals offer a small ray of hope amid rising concerns about mass layoffs, with a record 23pc of smaller companies already forced to cut jobs in the past three months, according to a separate survey by the Federation of Small Businesses. Coronavirus triggered chaos in global supply chains as factories around the world were forced to shut, seriously disrupting plants which rely on a rapid, predictable flow of parts. It is thought to be triggering a rethink in the boardrooms of firms which have long supported globalisation. Worries about Brexit and heightening tensions with China have also driven the change of focus. A fifth of Britain’s industrial businesses said they would reduce their dependence on suppliers in the European Union, while 28pc planned to source fewer supplies from the Asia Pacific region. Weaknesses in international supply chains were brought into sharp relief when the NHS struggled to buy vital equipment such as gloves and gowns to protect medics. Much of the world’s supply of PPE comes from China and rocketing global demand meant prices surged, if products could be purchased at all. Jacob Sallon changed output of his Cheshire-based family firm Gravitas International from fabrics used in construction and flood protection to making protective aprons during the pandemic. He said the enthusiasm for so-called reshoring was no surprise. Mr Sallon said: “Hundreds if not thousands of manufacturers worked out we could change production with the Government will to do it behind us. “With demand large enough and government providing the capital we need, we can now supply aprons as competitively as China can.” He added that domestic production of critical kit made it easier to ensure the necessary high standards were enforced. John Neill, chairman and chief executive of automotive business Unipart Group, said the crisis had taught companies the importance of being able to manufacture products onshore – but that higher costs in Britain meant staying competitive would still be a challenge. He added: “Many manufacturing processes were offshored for cost reasons and while there is definitely a renewed appetite for domestic supply chain resilience, companies may still be nervous about making their end products more expensive in a competitive market.”

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    15 Mesmerizing Photos of Underwater Shipwrecks

    You don't need a scuba certification to check out these underwater shipwrecks. From Woman's Day

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    The fight to clear Johnny Depp’s name exposes an altogether nastier agenda

    The fight to clear Johnny Depp’s name exposes an altogether nastier agenda. Playing out at the high court is nothing less than a festival of misogyny